About The Manna Development Corporation

Our Mission:

The Manna Development Corporation is a Michigan-based non-profit.

Manna offers:

  • Neighborhood Stabilization and Revitalization
  • Affordable Housing Projects
  • Economic Development Initiatives
  • Business Creation
  • Youth Employment


Affordable Housing Projects

Detroit NSP Award for the McKinley Manor Project consisting of (2) four-unit apartment buildings to continue revitalization efforts in the community and affordable housing for Detroit residences. The project will continue to provide jobs for the head of households.

Neighborhood Revitalization

Manna DevelopMent Corporation partners with several organizations to bring sustainability and improvement to our Detroit neighborhoods. Our neighborhood revitalization efforts include building technology and sustainability, construction home improvements, affordable mentoring and housing and youth education.

Economic Development Initiative

This entrepreneur-centered project is a prototype for truly sustainable economic growth in our communities. We focus on economic gardening and offer gainful employment opportunities to heads of households and cultivate growth for entrepreneurs.